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Children's Activities

In our churches the term 'children' includes anyone from infancy up to the age of 10 years. After that they are classed as 'young people' and you can find what we have to offer them on the 'young people's activities' page.

Lift Off!
Christ Church and St Mark's shares a children's project with St Andrew’s. The project has a name - and a logo! The name of the project is going to be LIFT OFF! This will bring the project together and give it an identity. It means that all the projects will bear the Lift Off! logo, and that when the families see it they will know it is run by the joint project: Lift Off! Therefore Lift Off! will be running the Film club, Art club, Messy Breakfast and the Explorer after-school clubs.
If you would like to get involved in any of the Lift Off! projects then please speak to me. Claire Underwood

What a Year … for Claire Underwood and the children’s groups. In 2013 the work with the children has taken off. Between the 3 Churches we have started 3 children's groups and 2 after school clubs. There have been a total of 134 children attending a session at any one of the groups.

Art Club began in September and all the children that attended had lots of fun making things each session. Together they made a Nativity set. One set was given to each Church, by the children in the groups. These sets were very well received by the Churches on a Sunday morning. Film Club continued throughout the year. In December the film club showed a Christmas film, which lots of children came to and enjoyed. In the Explorers after school clubs, we taught the children about the Christmas story and learnt a Christmas song called Let’s Get Ready. The children from the Orchard after school club performed this song at the Year 6 school carol service, which was held at St Mark's Church. The Church was full of parents that came to see their children sing. The whole school then came to St Mark's for the Christingle a few days later and the Church was full to the brim with children.

Messy Breakfast was also a huge success at Christmas. We had a Christmas Party, which all the children from all the groups were invited to. We had a great turn out, and the children enjoyed crafts, toys and games. All the children met Father Christmas, received a present and had their picture taken with him, which they could take home. At the end of the party they enjoyed lunch together.

As you know the children's work is a joint project between Christ Church, St Mark's and St Andrew’s. The project is changing and getting a name. The name of the project is going to be LIFT OFF. The reason for this is to bring the project together and give it an identity: instead of being Claire's activity or a certain Church’s activity, it’s a Lift Off activity. This means that all the projects will bear the Lift Off Logo, and that when the families see it they will know it’s run by the joint project Lift Off instead of by a certain Church. Therefore Lift Off will be running the Film club, Art club, Messy Breakfast and the Explorer after school clubs. If you would like to get involved in any of the Lift Off projects then please speak to Claire.

What Claire did at the beginning...
'Well some of you may recall that I was setting up three projects for children and families, for those living in our Parish and the Parish of St Andrews. All three of these projects kicked off in April.
Project 1 is called Messy Breakfast and is a Saturday morning group at St Mark’s Church. It’s for children under 5 to come with their families to play. The reason that it is on a Saturday is so that parents that work during the week can have somewhere to come and spend time with their children. It is important that people spend time together as a family, and we want to offer a space where they can do this. Toys, crafts and games are available for the children to do and breakfast of toast and croissants are also on offer for all.
Project 2 is called Explorers and is an after school club at Orchard Primary School on a Wednesday. This is open to any child in the school who is in Y1 and Y2. There were 14 children at the first session and we hope for more to sign up as the 12 weeks progress. All children had loads of fun, hearing a bible story, playing some games and producing a nice piece of work to take hope. They all left with smiles on their faces and the volunteers did too.
Project 3 is the film night at Christ Church on Friday afternoons. This is open to any family with a child under the age of 11. Families can come and watch a film without the worry of disturbing others, and parents and children can spend time with friends. 4 children attended the first session; they really enjoyed watching the film and eating sweets and popcorn. There is also space for children to play if they get restless watching a film. We aim to show lots of different films for children and families to enjoy.
The children and families that attended all these events had lots of fun and we hope and pray that they will continue to come and have fun. The volunteers who have helped have had lots of fun too. All these projects are aimed at meeting families and building long lasting friendships and relationships with them. We want to love them, serve them and hopefully when they are ready, introduce them to Jesus. I appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to helping me with these projects, both from volunteers and those of you behind the scenes, so thank you. I pray now for the continued support and success of these events. Thanks'

Claire Underwood

Children and Young Families Outreach Worker.

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Picture of Children's Craftwork
Picture of Children's Craftwork

Sunday School

Sunday School activities for children aged 3 to 10 years are held twice a month on a Sunday during term time at Christ Church during morning service times. They offer a wide range of Bible and Christian teaching and are always good fun.

Parents and carers are welcome to stay with their children and to help with the activities if they want to.

Toddlers' Clubs

Mother and Toddler Group
Mother and Toddler Group

Toddlers' Clubs are for parents and carers with pre-school age children. They meet regularly during school term times at St Mark's.

During the school holidays additional meetings and activities are sometimes arranged. You can find out if any are happening now by checking the 'Month-at-a-Glance' page or by phoning the Parish Office.

Baby Sensory classes

Baby Sensory Classes
Baby Sensory Classes

Baby Sensory classes provide hundreds of simple activities designed to stimulate the senses and help with your baby’s development. The baby classes include activities ranging from signing to fibre optic light shows, amazing light balls, bubbles and bells. The unique themed session plans provide new exciting experiences every week. Your first class is free so you can come and see what we do.
Classes are held on Fridays in Kelsey Hall at Christ Church for babies from Birth to 13 months. The classes are 1 hour and include an exploratory play area.
For all the details of these classes,
click here or contact Clare on 07779 234 228 or
For more details about Baby Sensory, you can visit

Jo Jingles

Jo Jingles provides fun, music, singing and movement in classes specially designed for babies and young children and their parents or carers.  With the help of the Jo Jingles doll, and using music and movement techniques, children are helped to develop language and numeracy skills, improve physical co-ordination, gain confidence and independence, interact with other children and gain social skills.

Classes are held on Mondays at St Mark's during term time. They last for around 45 minutes.  Sessions are run to suit all ages.

For more information about the Jo Jingles organisation click here. The Parish Office can supply information about our sessions in St Mark's.

Uniformed Organisations

Picture of Brownies

Brownies hard at work

Rainbows and Brownies are wonderful organisations for girls.

Rainbows, aged 5 to 7 years, meet in St Mark's Church. We have meetings for Brownies, 7 to 10 years, in both our churches.

You can find out more about what Rainbows and Brownies are and what they do by clicking on the heading above. The Parish Office can supply meeting times and contacts.

Beavers and Cubs meet in the Scout Hall close to St Mark's.

Beavers are boys aged 6 to 8 years and Cubs are 8 to 10. Again, click the heading or contact the Parish Office to find out more.

Dance and Drama

Dancing classes, ballet, tap, jazz and acrobatic, are offered to children of all ages by Trinity Performing Arts Academy (principal Rebecca Ostman) at Christ Church .

Classes for the under 10s are always very popular. Contact details from the Parish Office.

To see our Child Protection Policy click Here .

For meeting times for Toddlers Clubs, Jo Jingles, Sunday Schools , Rainbows, Brownies, Beavers and Cubs, and for contact details for information about dancing and drama classes contact

The Parish Office, St Mark's Church, Leggatts Way , Watford , Herts WD24 5NQ Phone: 01923 681972
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